Dirt. It’s beneath out feet, our prairies, our deserts, our huts, our cars, our buildings, and our shopping malls. Mostly it’s an afterthought. Yet so much of our livelihood depends on its health. It’s not just ‘dirt’. It’s SOIL. And it’s alive!


Soil justice is as simple as changing how you think about soil.

Take a moment to think about how much life exists in soil. Scientists have found between 50 million and 4 billion microorganisms in a single teaspoon of soil.

When you begin to think of soil as the living entity it is—life that needs to eat, breathe and interact with other life like us—you begin to experience what we know as soil justice.

Soil justice can be about action, too.

  • Talk about the importance of soil with your friends, neighbors and families.
  • Incorporate  best practices for sustainable soil in your hobby garden or large production farms.
  • Ask questions of your local growers, farmers, industrial plants, and nurseries about how they practice soil sustainability.
  • Talk to your politician about new construction or development in your city or township.

The soil’s greatness contributes to healthy waterways, healthy air, and healthy life. And so much of what we put in the ground becomes part of what we eat and drink. We have to take care of it.

There is so much good to come out of very little effort. Let’s take the time to raise awareness about degraded soils and practices which create healthy soils.