About Us

The Earth Restoration Foundation is dedicated to research educational activities that support soil sustainability. The Earth Restoration Foundation provides needed research and information to scientists, farmers, consumers and all stakeholders who are concerned about the soil’s vital role in preserving ecosystems.


We joined together as a group of scientists and entrepreneurs who worked to establish an all-natural agricultural fertilizer venture. As we were developing that venture, we came to realize that large problems exist with our soils. This vital ecosystem is disappearing. Over the past 40 years, 30% of the world’s arable land has become degraded and unproductive. We learned that degraded soils contribute to other environmental problems, including water and air pollution. As a result, we are losing our ability to grow enough food to satisfy our growing population. We are negatively impacting entire ecosystems. As we were having conversations with others about this, we came to recognize that there exists a lack of public awareness regarding our soil problems and that there was a community of people across the globe that wanted to help but did not quite know how.

By 2050, our world population is

expected to top 9 billion people.

Their motivations were as diverse as their backgrounds. Some wanted to see an agricultural system growing safer or more abundant food. Others wanted to conserve water or reduce hazardous wastewater as a byproduct of insecticide or fertilizer overuse. Yet others had interests tied to the farm-to-table movement, or reducing fossil fuel usage, or reducing carbon emissions from agriculture. Regardless of their motivations, all of them understood that these issues were connected to soil health, fertility and sustainability.